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Case Studies

Controlling fish farms water quality with smart sensors in Iran.

The fish farming industry in Iran has rapidly grown within recent years, doubling employment rates and multiplying its production. This activity began with the enhancement of the quality of fish species selected from the Caspian Sea and then continued through the development of intensive aquaculture utilizing different foreign species. Investing in the development of earth ponds, reservoirs and sea cages has become crucial for the local government, which supports the private sector by providing low rate interest loans and suitable land at competitive prices.

Fish farm monitoring in Vietnam by controlling water quality in ponds and tanks.

Vietnam is one of the main worldwide fish producers and exporters. Its anual fish production is approximately of 5.699.250 tons which supposes an export value of 1,7 billions USD. The main markets for its production are Europe, USA, Mexico and China. The European Union has already warned the wholesalers to establish tougher control measures on the quality of fish and also on the farming conditions.