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Protecting and conserving the beluga whale habitat in Alaska with Libelium’s flexible sensor platform.

Beluga whales live in the Arctic Ocean and coastal areas of Canada, Alaska, Russia and Greenland, their population is estimated at 150,000 worldwide. Only around 300 to 400 inhabit the Cook Inlet in Alaska where, in 2008, this species was considered critically endangered. These animals have strict seasonal behavioral patterns, staying in the open ocean during the winter and migrating to warmer zones in the summer. They remain close to the continent in estuaries and shallow waters, sometimes even traveling up rivers several kilometers.

Preserving endangered freshwater mussels in the Ohio River with a Smart Water Project.

The Ohio river is home to populations of various species of mussels that are essential to our overall ecosystem. Freshwater mussels are not only an important food source for muskrats, waterfowl and fish but are also very important water quality indicators. Aridea Solutions, an engineering company located in West Virginia, has trusted Libelium technology to assist in the development of the WIZARD (Water Intrinsic Zoological Ambient Research Device) Platform. The American company worked in October 2016 on a project for the US Army Corps of Engineers at Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam to control mussels’ ambient and environmental conditions. The aim was to protect them when working in local rivers and streams.