IoT Technology POST-COVID

Recovering Business while continuing to fight pandemic expansion!

IoT technology helps to prevent and limit the spread of the virus. Acting decisively and responsibly to implement the necessary preventive measures, could be one of the great lessons learned.

Technology helps in the application of those preventive actions that will inevitably involve the control of people's movements, the detection of body parameters in public places and the application of remote health.

New kit to detect fever on access points

The return to the business activity requires to keep on increasing the security measures to avoid new infections while fighting Covid expansion.
Screening systems must be installed to detect potentially infected individuals in order to allow workers to return to their workplaces and to reopen public spaces, buildings, shops and any other facilities. This new Fever Screening Kit is a no-touch, portable device designed to screen people for fever.
Simple, Portable, Trustworthy
How does it work?
  • The user places its forehead five inches from the sensor to be detected by the infrared technology.
  • The microcontroller takes three separate temperature measurements and compares them to acceptable temperatures ranges.
  • A LED will turn red to indicate a fever or green to indicate no fever.

Limited capacity control

Detecting and counting people and vehicles on facilities and streets can be done preserving privacy. Measure capacity levels and social distance in buildings, malls and public spaces to increase confidence to employees and customers.
Smartphone Detection Scanner Kits
How does it work?
  • Installed in different urban areas, it is capable of detecting wifi and bluetooth signals emitted by mobile devices of people and vehicles.
  • Track the flow of people and vehicles and show the data on reports on occupation according to transit times, entry and exit as well as the total time a user has stayed in the area.

Remote health monitoring

MySignals e-health platform monitors health parameters remotely to avoid saturating medical services. It controls oxygen levels, blood pressure, glucose level, temperature and other body values. The user measures parameters remotely and even can store the data in the cloud to get online medical assessment.
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What is Mysignals?
  1. Research and development platform for e-health monitoring.
  2. Measures more than 15 different biometric parameters
  3. Avoid saturating primary medical services staying safe at home.
  4. Store the data in the cloud to get online professional assessment.
    1. Thermometer
    2. Glucometer
    3. SPO2 sensor
    4. Blood pressure sensor
    5. Body position sensor
    6. Body scale
    7. Alarm button 

                Stay home,
                we will do the rest.

                Increase sanitary system efficiency 

                Air quality to prevent infection

                Air quality control in cities will be a growing concern since there are studies that reveal that cities with greater pollution have had a greater impact of contagion.
                Air quality Kits
                1. Adaptability: More than 20 sensors integrated in Smart Cities and Smart Environment PRO platforms.
                2. Interoperability: Any wireless technology. LPWAN communications: important for Smart Cities projects.
                3. Any cloud platform: Compatibility with city council platforms.
                4. Predictive and preventive models can be built.
                5. High accuracy sensors (continuously improving)
                6. Particle Matter Sensor - commonly know as "Dust Sensor" - is integrated.
                7. Real-time information.
                8. Easy installation, ready to be deployed.

                Water quality for swimming pools

                The measurement of the swimming pools' water quality will be obligatory between 3 to 5 times per day. Having a 24-hour measuring device that sends data remotely can save resources and offer reliability to users of these facilities in sports and tourist areas.
                Water quality Kits
                1. Easy installation, sensors can be placed in a buoy (sea and lakes installation)
                2. Real-Time information, Any Cloud platform, any wireless technolgy...
                3. Waterproof IP65 enclousure: robust waterproof, minimal maintenance costs
                4. Low power consumption: long battery life, solar powered, sleep mode available

                Smart parking for smoother mobility

                Radar parking technology reduces traffic, pollution and drivers’ time while controlling violations and overcoming the misuse of parking spaces
                Smart parking Kits
                1. Wirelessly detection of parking spots occupancy.
                2. Best accuracy in the market: radar and magnetic technology combination.
                3. IP 68 protection and fully certified (CE and FCC). 
                4. LoRaWAN communication protocol. 
                5. Over the air set up. 
                6. Three ways of installation (on surface, buried semi buried). 
                7. Almost zero maintenance needed.
                1. Increases parking revenues by up to 35%. 
                2. Avoids parking violations on dissabled and loading / unloading areas.
                3. Monitors real use of restricted areas: only for taxis, special services, authorities…
                4. Improves drivers (and customers) experience reducing time losses.
                5. Helps to learn patterns of behaviour to addapt traffic and surveillance resources for a better mobility. 

                IoT Tech POST-COVID

                More essential than ever: three ways to fight the spread of the pandemic while recovering business activity

                All IoT Kits to recover post pandemic activity

                IoT technology helps too loosen the economic and social paralysis preventing the spread of the virus. Acting decisively and responsibly to implement the necessary preventive measures, could be one of the great lessons learned. Let's activate all the keys to reopen the business giving confidence to employees and customers.
                IoT technology plays a very timely role in getting the public back on the streets in relative safety. The connection between the physical and the digital world is more necessary now than ever to analyse the real world with objective data and use those parameters to trigger alarms or establish coherent actions.

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                Reopening facilities while fighting pandemic expansion, providing confidence to tourists

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