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Case Studies

MySignals brings Physical Rehabilitation to people with disabilities in Mexico through Kinnov, a leading company in Physiotherapy research.

In Mexico 6 million people live some kind of disability and there are only 10.000 physiotherapists. A Mexican holding company offers global services related to Physiotherapy through education, clinical rehabilitation, innovation and research. Kinnov's research team is currently using MySignals in a project that analyses the biometric parameters needed for the physiotherapeutic process. Aware of the current needs of the Physical Rehabilitation area, Kinnov is researching new tools to improve the patients' quality of life, gaining efficiency.

MySignals helps to reduce maternal deaths in Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is one of the Latin-American countries with major rate of maternal and neonatal deaths. Libelium has taken part in a project close to Infectología's Dominican Foundation to bring over the sanitary attention to groups of patients in risk with MySignals. The aim has been monitoring patients with risk of suffering arterial hypertension to identify the symptoms of preeclampsia in the patients in several sanitary centers as the Hospital Maternidad Los Minas, in Santo Domingo, and the Hospital Dr. Jaime Mota in Barahona.

E-Health: Low Cost Sensors for Early Detection of Childhood Disease.

Pneumonia is the number 1 killer of children worldwide with 2 million deaths each year. With a child dying every 20 seconds, pneumonia is a significant contributor to neonatal mortality in developing countries – more than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. The illness is treatable and preventable, but accurate early detection is key. To reduce child mortality due to Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI), the Smart Object Sensing Array invented by Guardit and licensed by Inspire Living Inc., contracted with the global NGO Project HOPE to create a device to aid in the efficient detection of tachypnea, an indication of pneumonia in children, based on Libelium’s e-Health Sensor Platform.

e-Health project in Malaysia to monitor Medical Drug Preservation with Waspmote.

ARES system has been developed by DeltaZ, a Malaysian company focused on medical products, which has been deployed in several cities in Malaysia. The system is able to monitor several parameters (Oxygen, CO2, Vibration or Temperature among others) in different environments such as medical refrigerators, ultra low temperature freezers or LN2 tanks among others. More than 50 Waspmotes have been deployed in several hospitals in order to control and preserve medical drugs and vaccines.