Smart Cities & Infrastructures

Libelium-Yazamtec Loriot Smart Parking

This kit enables the detection of free parking spots.

It is designed to be placed on-road (surface installation) in parking spaces and to detect the arrival and departure of vehicles with a radar sensor.

It includes solution-oriented software already integrated with Yazamtec and LoRaWAN connectivity.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Software Solution

We provide you with a solution for driver guidance, parking management, IoT sensors management and Big Data Insights:

Parking Hero: Our Parking Hero Mobile Application is available on the App store to all of our customers. Parking Hero guides the driver to the vacant. Parking places on the street in an autonomous fashion. The application includes intelligent guidance and traffic routing based on real-time traffic and parking occupancy. Parking Hero includes multiple additional value-added services like Valet Parking and Parking Marketing.

Parking Sensor: You receive the pre-configured parking sensors including the network connectivity. You only need to turn the device on and it is ready to go!

Parking Hero Partner Portal: The Smart Flow IoT cloud platform gives you total control over the installation, configuration, monitoring and reporting of your parking devices and parking policies. The portal provides you with 24h7 monitoring of the health and performance of your parking sensors with intuitive dashboards.

Parking Hero Insights: Our Big Data platform provides you with interactive analysis of sensors and parking data. The thematic insights are designed for the monitoring, management and optimization of your sensors and IoT network. The parking insights provide business analysis of parking occupancy, turnover and popularity.

API Gateway: Our API gateway provides programmatic access to the combined devices + network + applications data. You can use the gateway with embedded developer tools for designing your own applications, and dashboards or integrate with third-party systems like signage or payment gateways.


Services and software that run internet of things services and software enable you to operate large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) networks based on the LoRaWAN technology. Our geographically distributed LoRaWAN cloud is providing low-latency access to your gateways, back-ends and users world-wide.

Purchase Information


  • Connectivity LoRaWAN
  • Version America, APLA AS, APLA AU, Europe, India
  • Model Smart Parking
  • Partner Yazamtec
  • Type of kit Complete Kit
  • User Level Intermediate


Smart Parking Documentation

Smart Parking allows detecting available parking spots by placing the node on the pavement. It works with a magnetic sensor that detects when a vehicle is present or not.

Multitech Gateway Documentation

Multiprotocol Base Station for LoRaWAN networks, 4G and Ethernet (POE), Waterproof and robust: IP-67 certified, Kit for secure outdoors installation, Easy configuration, European and Americas versions, Fully certified (CE/FCC/IC)

Hardware Support (3 hours included)

Arranged in 1 hour time-slot.

  • Online: text, screen share, mic and webcam. Interactive.

Useful for:

  • Solve urgent questions that cannot wait forum timelines debug your code.
  • Guide you step by step.
  • Help you to design a system architecture.
  • Improve your program to reduce power consumption, make it more efficient, etc

Programming Service

The Plug & Sense! nodes come ready to be used. Our engineers create complete codes for that specific devices. Codes are uploaded and tested one by one, so the user just needs to switch the nodes on.