Libelium-Vodafone-Adroit NB-IoT Smart Water kit

Libelium-Vodafone-Adroit NB-IoT Smart...
Libelium-Vodafone-Adroit NB-IoT Smart...

The Libelium-Vodafone-Adroit NB-IoT Smart Water kit provides real-time wireless monitoring of nitrates in groundwater, for use in such applications such as, but not limited to bores, tanks and farm wells.

The kit contains the Libelium Smart Water Xtreme controller, solar panel and Hydrometrics Nitrate Sensor supplied in a rugged case. Monthly subscription provides network connectivity and access to the Adroit IoT Platform which includes customisable dashboards, reporting, alerting and mobile apps. Sensors are connected to the platform via the internet on the Vodafone Network using a global SIM, streaming the sensor data every 60 mins.

Libelium is not responsible for the programming and codes loaded on the Plug&Sense! contained in this Kit. Technical Support related to the Plug&Sense! behavior resulting from this programming will be provided by Adroit.

Note: Programming this kit will take longer than usually.

Note2: The kit is out of stock due to the component crisis we are living in. Sorry for the inconvenience. For further information, please contact our Sales Department at the Quote Form below ↓ 


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Need a quote or a different configuration?

Adroit unique value proposition

Nitrate leaching is a naturally occurring process, which happens when nitrate leaves the soil in drainage water. Nitrate is soluble and mobile. It is no problem when it is within the root-zone, but once it gets into the groundwater and other freshwater bodies it is an environmental pollutant.

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth. It occurs naturally, but in agricultural systems, more nitrogen is commonly added to soils as fertilizer or as urine or dung from livestock. Not all the additional nitrogen can be used by plants and microorganisms, so some nitrate-nitrogen may leach (drain) from the soil. Livestock urine is the dominant source of nitrate-nitrogen leached from soil. Leached nitrate-nitrogen can enter groundwater and waterways, potentially causing ecological harm. The amount of nitrate-nitrogen leaching from the soil varies around the country as a result of different land uses, climates, and soils.

Drinking-Water Standards for New Zealand set a Maximum Acceptable Level (MAV) of 50mg/L for nitrate, which is equivalent to 11.3mg/l nitrate-nitrogen. Some laboratories report nitrate levels whereas others report nitrate-nitrogen levels, be aware which they are reporting if you are getting your water tested.

BENEFITS The nitrate monitoring kit offers the following benefits:
  •     Groundwater deployment to measure nitrate-nitrogen concentrations.
  •     Deployment in low ionic strength groundwater means organic carbon or chloride interferences are minimal.
  •     Designed to allow installation in 50 mm wells. These are often able to be installed by low-cost direct push technologies, reducing the overall installation cost.
  •     Remote data-logging capability for real-time data with Libelium Plug & Sensor, More sensors can be added if required to measure other water quality issues, such as PH, ORP, DO, etc.
  •     A fit for purpose Nitrate Sensor at a low price point that enables feasible deployment across multiple sites at the catchment or farm scale.
  •     Periodic cleaning rather than calibration required, reducing ongoing maintenance.
  •     Continuous monitoring as opposed to laboratory analysis is rapidly growing within the agricultural community due to increased data frequency.

Adroit Platform

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The Adroit Platform sits on highly secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) providing simple access to your data and dashboards, via the web or any mobile device with an easy to use app. Our customisable dashboards enable monitoring of data in real-time, and ability to set-up alerts and push notifications when certain events or conditions occur at any stage of your IoT solution.

More information visit:

NB-IoT Connectivity Provider

The Vodafone Global SIM’s supplied in this kit are pre-provisioned and ready to use, which makes deploying your IoT solutions simple.

Services offered by Vodafone:

  • NB-IoT device test for network integration
  • E2E testing from device to network, and from network to the internet and user applications
  • Power consumption testing
  • Extended coverage testing (ECL0 / ECL1 / ECL2)
  • NB-IoT GCF Certification

More information visit:

Vodafone NBIoT

Hardware Components

Plug & Sense! SW-XTR NB-IoT / Cat-M1
pH, ORP and temperature PHEHT probe1
Optical dissolved oxygen and temperature OPTOD probe1
External solar panel 7V - 500mA (power accessory for P&S!)1
Outdoors USB cable1
USB-220 V Adapter1
International adapter1
Technical consultancy 2 hrs1
Plug&Sense! Programming Service (kit of Marketplace)1

Hardware Documentation

Plug & Sense! Documentation

Check all the Documentation

Info about tech

Read the Quick Start Guide to get information about kit components,
how to install and configure them and how to connect the
kit with the software services provider platform.

Hardware Support

Technical Service (2 hours included)

  • Arranged in 1 hour time-slot.
  • Online: text, screen share, mic and webcam. Interactive.
  • Useful for:
    • Solve urgent questions that cannot wait forum timelines debug your code.
    • Guide you step by step.
    • Help you to design a system architecture.
    • Improve your program to reduce power consumption, make it more efficient, etc

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Programming Service

Libelium is not responsible for the programming and codes loaded on the Plug&Sense! contained in this Kit. Technical Support related to the Plug&Sense! behavior resulting from this programming will be provided by Adroit

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