Libelium-Tektelic Development Kit

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Libelium-Tektelic Development Kit
Libelium-Tektelic Development Kit

This kit is the best option for those that want to program a solution on top of the Tektelic  IoT Platform and test it with real sensors. Includes nodes for Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture applications.

The data is sent to the Internet by the Tektelic gateway using LoRaWAN radio.

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Need a quote or a different configuration? Click here.

Need a quote or a different configuration?


LoRaWAN Logo

Protocols known as Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are accelerating smart city and IoT deployments in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Semtech’s open LoRaWAN standard is the backbone for many IoT uses that require bidirectional data communication and geolocation information.

LoRaWAN Connectivity

Hardware Components

Tektelic Kona Macro LoRaWAN BS 1
Plug & Sense! SCP LoRaWAN EU 1
Plug & Sense! SA-PRO LoRaWAN EU 1
Noise Level Sensor 1
Ultrasound probe 1
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) [Calibrated] Probe 1
Soil moisture 1,5 m Probe 1
WS-3000 (anemometer + wind vane + pluviometer) Probe 1
Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Probe 1
Luminosity (luxes accuracy) Probe 1
External solar panel 7V - 500mA (power accessory for P&S!) 2
outdoors USB cable 2
USB-220 V Adapter 2
International adapter 3
Info about tech

Do you need another radio technology such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, ZigBee, 868MHz, 915MHz?

Is there any other sensor you want to use that is not included in the kits?

Hardware Documentation

Info about tech

Read the Quick Start Guide to get information about kit components,
how to install and configure them and how to connect the
kit with the software services provider platform.

Plug & Sense! Documentation

Check all the Documentation

Tektelic Gateway Documentation

  • Multiprotocol Base Station for LoRaWAN Networks (versions for different countries)
  • Inbuild lightning protection
  • 3G/4G and Ethernet
  • Build-in Cavity Filters for Sup-optimal LoRaWAN GW performance
  • LTE-Advance Category 6 Modems to achieve Carrier-Grade performance and investment protection
  • Easy configuration
  • Linux OS
  • Semtech SPF for LoRaWAN operations (by default)
  • European and Americas versions
  • Fully certified (versions for CE/FCC)
  • Fully compatible with Loriot, TTN, Actility, Orbiwise Network Servers

Check all the Documentation

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