Air Quality

Libelium-SmartVillage AQI Solution Kit 4G

This kit allows real-time monitoring air quality in cities. It includes Smart Environment PRO Solution with gases calibrated sensors.

For ambient monitoring it provides more accuracy in monitoring gas concentration levels and the amount of PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particles allows cities and government agencies to meet international Air Quality Index (AQI) compliance values, and better advise the public of air quality and health risk.

Libelium SmartDataSystem Air Quality Index (AQI) kit, simplifies small cities and towns planning, facilitates monitoring for public health risks and ensure compliance with AQI international standards.

The Air Quality monitoring application allows to calculate the outdoor Air Quality Index (AQI) based on data received from field sensors.

Note: Only EU/BR versions feature a GPS receiver.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

What parameters can be measured with this kit?

  • Temperature, Humidity and Pressure

  • CO (Carbon Monoxide)

  • NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide)

  • O3 (Ozone)

  • SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)

  • PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10 (Particle Matter)


Software Solution

The SmartDataSystem kits for Smart Villages is an integrated smart cities solution thought and designed for towns and small cities.

It removes the complexities and high costs associated with large city initiatives, providing municipalities with a broad set of products and services that help them keep ownership of their data, improve citizens services, and lower maintenance costs.

Our team of experts will provide support throughout the solution full life-cycle ensuring every knowledge gap is always filled.


Additional information

  • AQI calculation methods
  • Current AQI
  • 24 hours and 7 days AQI

The application let you configure two different AQI calculation methods:

1) EU CAQI Background: Common background air quality index for quiet neighborhoods

2) EU CAQI Roadside: Common air quality index for streets with high vehicle traffic volume

Once you have configured the AQI for a location, you can view the current AQI, and its evolution through the last 24 hours and last 7 days.

The first value represents the calculated air quality index, while the rest of the values refer to the pollutants that are taken into consideration for the calculation of said index.

The colours indicate the status of the air quality index:

  • Red: very high index value – Very poor air quality
  • Orange: High index value – Low air quality
  • Yellow: average index value – Average air quality
  • Light green: low index value – Good air quality
  • Dark green: very low index value – Very good air quality

Through the application, you will be able to analyze both the daily hourly index and the index of the last 7 days.

Hardware Solution

Libelium is focusing on a strategic shift to offer complete IoT technology VALUE PROPOSITIONS specialized in vertical applications and tailoring IoT projects to improve competitiveness for industries, businesses & smart cities.

Purchase Information


  • Plug & Sense! SE-PRO 2
  • Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Probe 2
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) low concentrations [Calibrated] Probe 2
  • Nitric Dioxide (NO2) [Calibrated] (High Accuracy) Probe 2
  • Ozone (O3) [Calibrated] Probe 2
  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) [Calibrated] (High Accuracy) Probe 2
  • Particle Matter (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10) – Dust Probe 2
  • External solar panel 7V - 500mA (power accessory for P&S!) 2
  • Outdoors USB cable 2
  • USB-220 V Adapter 2
  • International adapter 2
  • Premium Technical Support 3 hours
  • Plug&Sense! Programming Service 1
  • Meshlium Visualization Interface 1
  • Software AQI 2 node 1 year


Plug & Sense!

Fully certified for the main markets: CE (Europe) / FCC (US) / IC (Canada) / ANATEL (Brazil) / RCM (Australia) / PTCRB (US) / AT&T (US)

Quick Start Guide

Read the Quick Start Guide to get information about kit components, how to install and configure them and how to connect the kit with the software services provider platform.

Technical Service (3 hours included)

Arranged in 1 hour time-slot.

Online: text, screen share, mic and webcam. Interactive.

Useful for:

  • Solve urgent questions that cannot wait forum timelines debug your code.
  • Guide you step by step.
  • Help you to design a system architecture.
  • Improve your program to reduce power consumption, make it more efficient, etc.

Programming Service

Libelium is not responsible for the programming and codes loaded on the Plug&Sense! contained in this Kit.