Smart Tracking Solution Kit 2G: Small or Medium

Smart Tracking Solution Kit 2G: Small...
Smart Tracking Solution Kit 2G: Small...
Smart Tracking Solution Kit 2G: Small...
Smart Tracking Solution Kit 2G: Small...
Smart Tracking Solution Kit 2G: Small...
Smart Tracking Solution Kit 2G: Small...

The Smart Tracking solution allows any company to track and manage the assets that power any business.

Libelium offers the whole solution for smart-tracking projects adding to its portfolio different tracking devices along with the software platform required to manage and report asset activities and events. The trackers are efficient, reliable, and very competitive and pave the way for the deployment of value-added tracking solutions.

Small Tracker x10

Tiny, lightweight and ultra-rugged battery-powered GPS tracking device with up to 3 years of battery life for asset tracking and theft recovery.

  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries with up to 3 years battery life. Batteries NOT included.

Medium Tracker x10

Compact, ultra-rugged, long-life battery-powered GPS tracking device that has been designed for tracking containers, trailers, skip bins, and other assets where super-long battery life is required without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance.

  • Powered by 3 x AA Batteries with up to 7 years battery life. Batteries NOT included.
  • Compatible with LTC Batteries for tracking in extreme temperatures

Need a quote or a different configuration? Click here.

Need a quote or a different configuration?

  • High Precision GPS: GPS and GLONASS positioning systems are used simultaneously with a 72 channel high sensitivity receiver (-167dBm) for enhanced accuracy and faster fixes.
  • Long Battery Life: Battery-life up to 7 years with built-in battery life management for monitoring use and remaining life predictions.
  • Rugged & Weatherproof: IP67 rated housing ensures devices can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray, submersion for 30 minutes in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures.
  • Periodic or Movement-Based: Receive location updates regularly throughout the day or only when movement occurs with smart adaptive tracking technology.
  • Theft Recovery: Switch to “recovery mode” in the case of theft or loss to activate live-tracking at 30 second intervals for equipment retrieval.
  • Run Hour Monitoring: Capture run hours based on movement to understand and optimize equipment utilization.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Set proactive maintenance reminders based on run hours and distance traveled to reduce equipment downtime and repair costs.
  • Impact Detection: Configure impact-detection alerts when g-forces are exceeded by a user-defined threshold.
  • Advanced Geofencing: Create custom geofences and alerts if equipment enters or leaves specific locations. Geofences can also be downloaded directly to the device for enhanced location-based behaviors.
  • Easy Install: Multiple installation options for covertly securing devices to equipment with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more.
  • Flexible Configuration: Configure device parameters such as heartbeat rate, movement and accelerometer settings, and more to fit any tracking application.

Libelium offers the whole solution including the software platform to visualize the data gathered from the trackers and to manage the information based on the settings established.

Track and manage the assets that power your business with our intuitive GPS Tracking Platform featuring Google Maps, powerful customizable reporting and alerts, remote device health monitoring, and more.

» Libelium offers the device management and the platform configuration service ready to start tracking your project. The data from the devices can also be configured to send the information to your own platform.

Software Tracking Platform
Software Tracking Platform Mobile
  • Location tracking in Google’s Map, terrain or satellite views.
  • Trip history to monitor routes, mileage, idle time, average speed...
  • Recovery mode in case of loss, theft or unauthorized use.
  • Reporting for analysis such as asset utilization, trip lit, low battery, speeding…
  • Actionable alerts: after-hours movement, accident detected, speeding alert…
  • Set boundaries with geofencing tools.
  • Asset utilization to optimize usage, reduce downtime and increase its life.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance and reminders.
  • Monitor battery life and usage.
  • Monitor driver behaviour.
  • Capture expenses to provide proof of service for accountability and invoicing.
  • Manage users and permissions.
Software Tracking Platform Mobile

This kit includes 12,000 messages (3 messages/day per node during 1 year).
If you need more Message packs (bundle of 1,000), please contact with our Sales Department.

Applications of Smart Tracking

Hardware Documentation

Small TrackingSmall Tracker Documentation

Medium TrackingMedium Tracker Documentation

Hardware Components

Bundle 10x GPS tracker, 2G (for Small or Medium) 1
Tracking Solution, configuration service1
Technical Support, 2 hours (only kits) 1
Tracking Solution, PPM software licence, 1 years10
Tracking Solution, 1000-message pack12

Hardware Support

Technical Service (2 hours included)

  • Arranged in 1 hour time-slot.
  • Online: text, screen share, mic and webcam. Interactive.
  • Useful for:
    • Solve urgent questions that cannot wait forum timelines debug your code.
    • Guide you step by step.
    • Help you to design a system architecture.
    • Improve your program to reduce power consumption, make it more efficient, etc

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