Libelium-SensorInsight Industrial Agriculture Kit LoRaWAN

Libelium-SensorInsight Industrial...
Libelium-SensorInsight Industrial...
Libelium-SensorInsight Industrial...

SensorInsight Industrial Agriculture Kits provide detailed environmental and soil monitoring that can deliver a better understanding of your environment and how it may affect growth, disease and potential yield.

SensorInsight Agriculture Sensor Kits are designed to be deployed within your field or block, are solar powered, and can transmit data for several miles. The sensors provided with SensorInsight Agriculture kits can help growers monitor and understand soil moisture and wetting patterns, irrigation run times, and local weather conditions.

Agriculture kits come pre-configured and ready to install, providing immediate information directly from the field so that you can monitor your exact growing conditions. Kits are configured to send data to our SensorInsight for Agriculture Platform, allowing you to log in and immediately view your data, or start working with your agriculture advisors to better understand your growing conditions.

Note: Currently available only in the US version. Please inquire about other region availability.

Libelium is not responsible for the programming and codes loaded on the Plug&Sense! contained in this Kit. Technical Support related to the Plug&Sense! behavior resulting from this programming will be provided by SensorInsight.


Need a quote or a different configuration? Click here.

Need a quote or a different configuration?

Software Solution

SensorInsight develops end-to-end IoT technology and continuous services to advance industries worldwide. Our SensorInsight Foundation product suite elevates businesses by integrating disparate data, analyzing info in real time and visualizing insights to improve decision making and process optimization.


  • SensorInsight helps you to understand factors that affect crop growth and yields such as phenological changes or weather conditions, helping to improve potential yield and reduce loss through disease or weather.
    • Access real-time conditions from your sensors or integrated systems
    • Record farm inputs such as phenological changes or spray applications
    • View calculations such as Degree Growing Days, or Evapotranspiration
    • Communicate with your team, consultants, and irrigators to collaborate and produce recommendations

More information about SensorInsight:

This kit includes 1 free year of SensorInsight for Agriculture software subscription.

Application examples

Indoor Precision Farming in American medical marijuana plantations.

SensorInsight, an American company that provides Industrial Internet of Things complete solutions, has been working for a medical marijuana operator with Libelium Waspmote Sensor Platform to develop a wireless sensor network to produce the highest quality of marijuana through the management and analysis of the entire medicinal marijuana growing process.

Hardware Components

Smart Agriculture PRO v1.5 Plug & Sense!1
Hydra Scout 32" 5 sensor 5m cable 1
MultiConnect Conduit MTCDT-LAT1-210L-US 1
Leaf Wetness Sensor1
PS-1 Irrigation Pressure Switch1
External solar panel 7V - 500mA (power accessory for P&S!)1

Hardware Documentation

Info about tech

Read the Quick Start Guide to get information about kit components,
how to install and configure them and how to connect the
kit with the software services provider platform.

Plug & Sense! Documentation

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