Libelium-Labeeb IoT Smart Cities Solution Kit

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Libelium-Labeeb IoT Smart Cities...
Libelium-Labeeb IoT Smart Cities...
Libelium-Labeeb IoT Smart Cities...

The Libelium-Labeeb Smart Cities IoT Vertical Kit allows real-time monitoring of key parameters in cities, such as sound and light to make noise urban maps, or to develop adaptive lighting systems.

Weather control and air quality applications can be carried out thanks to humidity and temperature sensors and pollution detectors (NO2, CO, O3).

The data is sent to the Internet by the GW using Ethernet and 4G radios.

Note: The kit is out of stock due to the component crisis we are living in. Sorry for the inconvenience. For further information, please contact our Sales Department at the following link ↓.

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Need a quote or a different configuration?

Software Solution


Labeeb™ IoT is an Internet of Things applications enablement platform, which works according to the Platform-as-a-Service paradigm.Its original design can fit any segment and is positioned as horizontal platform. However, given the expertise of QMIC in telematics, data collection, and GIS, one of the main vertical that Labeeb IoT is addressing is the Smart City which is part of the DNA of the company.

The platform provides a wide of range of services to ease the development and deployment of IoT solutions for Smart Cities, including:

  • The interconnection of any IoT device to the platform using standardized and/or proprietary IoT communication protocols (via Internet)
  • The collection and filtering of data records from the IoT devices
  • The real-time and/or historical tracking of IoT devices status and malfunctions
  • The storage of the collected data records into SQL and No-SQL databases for data post-processing
  • The analysis of the collected data using an advanced data analytics framework
  • The management of IoT applications using advanced data access control policies

With the Labeeb™ IoT comprehensive suite of platform capabilities, tools and SDKs, third party companies and developers can achieve faster time-to-market for their IoT projects while reducing their overall R&D costs.

More information about Labeeb IoT:

Labeeb IoT offers free account for 6 months

Rates after Free trial:


Application examples

Smart Cities

Case Studies

Hardware Components

Meshlium 4G 802.15.4 AP 1
Plug & Sense! SCP 802.15.4-PRO 5dBi1
Plug & Sense! SE-PRO 802.15.4-PRO 5 dBi Europe version 1
Noise / Sound Level Sensor1
Luminosity (luxes accuracy)1
Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor Probe1
Calibrated Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas Sensor Probe1
Calibrated Nitric Dioxide (NO2) gas Sensor (High Accuracy) Probe1
Calibrated Ozone (O3) gas Sensor Probe1
Outdoors USB cable 2
International adapter 3
External solar panel 7V - 500mA (power accessory for P&S!) 2

Hardware Documentation

Info about tech

Read the Quick Start Guide to get information about kit components,
how to install and configure them and how to connect the
kit with the software services provider platform.

Plug & Sense! Documentation

Check all the Documentation

Meshlium Documentation

Check all the Documentation

Hardware Support

Technical Service (2 hours included)

  • Arranged in 1 hour time-slot.
  • Online: text, screen share, mic and webcam. Interactive.
  • Useful for:
    • Solve urgent questions that cannot wait forum timelines debug your code.
    • Guide you step by step.
    • Help you to design a system architecture.
    • Improve your program to reduce power consumption, make it more efficient, etc

Know More

Programming Service

Libelium is not responsible for the programming and codes loaded on the Plug&Sense! contained in this Kit. Technical Support related to the Plug&Sense! behavior resulting from this programming will be provided by Elmitel

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