Libelium-Aridea Offshore Buoy Kit

Libelium-Aridea Offshore Buoy Kit
Libelium-Aridea Offshore Buoy Kit

Aridea Offshore Environmental Kit provides an invaluable tool for companies and researchers looking for ways to monitor environmental conditions in some of the most challenging sites across the world. The list of parameters measured by this kit are (pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Redox (ORP), Temperature).

Aridea Offshore Environmental Kit is designed for deployment in lakes, rivers, coastal waters, harbors, estuaries and other freshwater or marine environments. The buoy is also equipped with (3) 6-watt solar panels for a powerful 18-watts of solar power for flexible deployment applications.

Libelium is not responsible for the programming and codes loaded on the Plug&Sense! contained in this Kit. Technical Support related to the Plug&Sense! behavior resulting from this programming will be provided by Aridea.

Note: The objects in the picture do not appear with proportional dimensions. Check the buoy dimensions here. Only EU/BR versions features a GPS receiver.

SOBuoy Aridea SK-EU

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Need a quote or a different configuration?

Software Solution

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Aridea Offshore Environmental Demo Kit provides an invaluable tool for companies and researchers looking for ways to monitor environmental conditions in some of the most challenging sites across the world.

Aridea Offshore Environmental Demo Kit comes with a buoy outfitted with sensors in an easy to deploy and test platform. This is a fully functional buoy and seamlessly interfaces with our entire product line of environmental solutions. Our advanced hardware platform allows for sensors to be placed for simultaneous measurements above and below the water surface. Our revolutionary buoy platform allows for a unique view of the water/air interface never before possible. We designed this kit to show the power of our entire solution line in an affordable and easy to deploy kit.

Aridea Environmental kits are complimented by Aridea’s Terralytix platform that offers an advanced portal built on the Microsoft Azure platform that offers users a responsive portal that provides maximum flexibility in display options and aggregation methods for all of data collected from the kit. Also, the Terralytix platform allows for user to combine other Aridea kits to give an even more comprehensive view of environmental conditions.

More information about Aridea's Terralytix:

Free trial: 90 Days

Rates after Free trial:

  • Silver plan - $29.95/mo. + $1.95 per TerraObject (up to 30-minute polling intervals)
  • Gold plan - $49.95/mo. + $4.95 per TerraObject (up to 15-minute polling intervals)
  • Platinum plan - $99.95/mo. + $9.95 per TerraObject (up to 5-minute polling intervals)

Application examples

Preserving endangered freshwater mussels in the Ohio River with a Smart Water Project.

Aridea Solutions, an engineering company located in West Virginia, has trusted Libelium technology to assist in the development of the WIZARD (Water Intrinsic Zoological Ambient Research Device) Platform. The American company worked in October 2016 on a project for the US Army Corps of Engineers at Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam to control mussels' ambient and environmental conditions. The aim was to protect them when working in local rivers and streams.

Hardware Components

Plug & Sense! AC 4G (Industrial ready)1
RS-485 / Modbus Module (accessory for Plug & Sense! with 4G)1
Aqua TROLL 500, Non-Vented 0-30m1
Aqua TROLL Wiper1
Aqua TROLL Temperature/Conductivity Sensor1
Aqua TROLL pH/ORP Sensor1
Aqua TROLL Turbidity Sensor 1
Aqua TROLL RDO Sensor (includes RDO-X Cap) 1
Data buoy with polymer-coated foam hull & (3) 6-watt solar panels,150 lb. buoyancy1
Battery harness with integrated solar regulator & (1) 28A-Hr battery 1
Solar marine light with flange mount 1
N-Style RF bulkhead connector assembly with SMA connector cable 1
Miscellaneous connectors and wiring 1
Hardware and Software Setup 1

Hardware Documentation

Plug & Sense! Documentation

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