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BrightSites Lampost – InterSight

The digital transformation of public spaces is accelerating rapidly – from historic town centers to neighborhoods to large urban areas.

Intersight combines Libelium and Signify technology to turn regular lampposts into smart nodes with connectivity, air quality and noise level monitoring.

The information provided by the solution allows the government to design and manage an innovative Low Emission Zone.

Smart Pole

Signify Brightsites I-Series smart poles help cities meet the needs of citizens, businesses, and visitors by delivering faster, more available broadband connectivity. By enabling the deployment of small cells at street level, the BrightSites smart poles help cities build the foundation for smart city services and applications. With better wireless broadband capabilities, municipal governments can leverage technologies to deploy connected sensors and devices for smarter, sustainable, and more efficient operations.

Software Solution

Signify’s BrightSites portfolio is aimed at transforming legacy lighting infrastructure into a platform of scalable connectivity. The lighting grid offers the opportunity needed for seamless 5G deployment and massive IoT applications due to its proximity, scale, existing power and elevation. Embedding a wireless gigabit technology in lighting fixtures creates a neutral host network to branch out from existing fiber points-of-presence to the full granularity of the lighting grid.

With a self-organizing gigabit network and license free spectrum, installation and commissioning of Signify’s solution is seamlessly simple. As such, lighting infrastructure is ideally positioned to provide the Connectivity Grid of the Future which cities require to stay ahead of citizens demands.

Given the granularity and uniformity of light infrastructure coupled with the ease of upgrading a regular luminaire with our mmWave enabled Broadband Luminaires, you can expand the network to virtually unlimited capacity on demand. Integrating broadband technology into luminaires ensures that cities can maintain its aesthetics by concealing the radio technology within light fixtures, all without the challenge of cluttering their light poles.


BrightSites by Signify can make an incredible difference to a city. Our end-to-end solution can be integrated simply and seamlessly into the urban environment without creating visual clutter. People benefit from faster, better, more available mobile access to their digital worlds today, and even more capabilities in the future.

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BrightSites transforms legacy street lighting infrastructure into a platform of scalable broadband connectivity. It removes barriers of entry including trenching fiber to every location and requires only a fraction of time and costs compared to traditional methods of extending broadband connectivity.

Smart lampposts in Cartagena to measure air quality and noise

Intersight is the alliance between Libelium and Signify, which was created to turn current public lighting into intelligent nodes that house state-of-the-art communication devices (5G/6G) and IoT technology for the management and development of smart cities. By using lampposts as nodes, it is possible to protect the urban landscape (by not adding more visual noise to the existing one in the city) and to take advantage of the potential of these “smart poles” to which other technologies such as security cameras, sensors, etc. can be integrated.